People Philosophy

Key Principles

  • Organisation structure and manning : Organisational structures will be lean, with a minimum number of levels and with clear individual reporting and accountability.
  • Recruitment and selection : At every level of the organization, we will select people of the highest quality and with the highest potential to advance our business.
  • Performance appraisal : To inculcate a culture of personal growth and organizational excellence based on principles of performance - based results.
  • Learning and development : We will aim for world class managerial and technical excellence using continuous learning and development to support the business and encourage growth from within.
  • Career development : We will provide careers, not merely jobs, to our people, through developing them in ways where organizational needs are matched with personal strengths and potential.
  • Succession planning : Our focus on development of people will reflect our international character and ensure that we have the right number of employees with the appropriate skills in the right place at the right time.
  • Training : Transfers, national and international, will be based on organizational needs and career development requirements of the individual.
  • Compensation : Our compensation philosophy will enable us to recruit and retain the best and the most highly motivated talent, and will encourage the highest level of performance amongst our employees through result based reward and recognition, and be related to the Company's overall business performance.
  • Employee relations : To create preserve and open harmonious environment in which employees at all levels will want to give off their very best in delivering world class service at the highest level of productivity.
  • Retention : Retention of talent is the key management responsibility as is separation of those whose performance is consistently below par or who breach the accepted ethical standards and rules of conduct.