The staff at Oberoi Hotels and Resorts is trained to offer impeccable levels of unobtrusive service and comfort.
Team Forums

We have a participative culture with an open door policy. Managers can always be approached by their teams for any support. We have a culture of cross functional collaboration where teams of all departments work together with camaraderie. Employees are empowered to take decisions that enhance guest satisfaction without having to worry about hierarchy or protocol.

We have various forums where teams communicate and share information, views, learning and feedback with an aim of improving the work environment. Examples of these forums are mentioned below:

  • Team Hearts and Minds – this is a forum of new hires where their opinions and feedback is invited on the experience of working with us.
  • Round Table – this is a forum where the General Manager has an open discussion over lunch or tea with team members to share views, information, opinions and laughter.
  • Job Chats – this is a forward looking one on one forum with reporting managers to discuss performance and work improvements
  • General Manager’s Address – this is a forum where the hotel gets together to discuss their performance and the way forward.
  • Team Departmental Communication – this is a forum where teams meet to discuss their department’s performance and the way forward.